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Member Name: David Bull
Title: Owner
Company Name: Cash Rebates App
Address: 2 Shelley Street
City, Province, Postal Code: Georgetown, ON   L7G 3W9
Phone: (647) 781-2885
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David Bull

Business Summary:  
We raise funds for Charity by matching Consumers with Businesses via our software.
Each transaction generates income for Charities.
Our Program provides 4 sources of revenue to Businesses who do not pay for us bringing them new customers until after a sale is made and THEY decide how much.
1. New Customers
2. Income when their Existing Clients buy items elsewhere
3. Ongoing revenue for referring other businesses to us
4. Ongoing revenue for referring Charities to us.

In addition; we request the charities to issue a tax receipt to the referrer for ALL of the money sent to them via our program, which can substantially reduce income tax payments.

Our program requires a Merchant to provide a payment to us for each sale made to the Consumers we provide who are Members; 75% of which is given as a rebate to the Member via overnight bank transfer which is held in a trust account and can only be redeemed at Merchants in our network.
This causes commerce within the network and forces the Member to seek out the Merchants thus converting them to new clients. In essence each Merchant on our network has the loyalty of every other Merchants client base.

Consumers also have 4 revenue sources;
1. Rebates from Merchants
2. They can obtain revenue by enrolling friends and family into the program AND items 3 & 4 above in the Merchant section.

Charities earn income when transactions take place as Members (consumers) are allocated to a Charity if they do not originate from Merchants or via other Members' activities.
Allocation takes place for Members obtained via our efforts or via a Charity canvassing their donor base.
Services Provided:  
Customer Generation
Fund-raising for Charities
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