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October 15, 2018

(Bring your own lunch)

Network with us...

The Burloak Business Referral Networking group, meets bi-weekly at Hampton's Restaurant and Bar in Oakville, Ontario.

Business entrepreneurs, professionals and employees from or serve Burlington or Oakville are welcome to join this lunch group to network with each other and learn each other's business. Good referral networking comes about by building good relationships, understanding what a good referral is, and taking action. It is the most cost-effective, efficient way to promote your business.

Networking can work for you if you..

  • Provide value early on in every relationship.
  • Connect your network: create value by introducing key contacts to each other.
  • Be patient, a valuable network takes a lifetime to build.
  • Be consistent in attendance, so members can get to know you better

Interested in becoming a member? Call Christine at 905-825-3528 to attend a meeting.


You too can promote your business through
Referral Networking!!

Looking for the following industry representatives


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